Pure Life offers direct sellers and business owners alike the opportunity to give their clients a gift that shows they really care.

Whether you are looking for quality closing tools to help with sales, or you would just like to show your appreciation to your customer for their business, Pure Life Essentials amazing line of health and wellness products will insure that your customers will remember you for a lifetime and you are sure to increase your referral business.

Pure Life products not only come with lifetime warrantees, but they help foster an environment conducive for repeat business and best of all, you get paid on all future orders!!

This program is perfect for:

Real Estate Agents/Title Agents/Mortgage Brokers:

If you help a client buy or sell a home, why buy them a gift basket? They will throw away half, drink the wine, and have nothing to remember you buy. With Pure Life's lifetime warrantied healthy cooking system, they will not only remember your gift every day, but their future purchases are all commissionable back to you!!!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Companies:

If you’re trying to close a new kitchen worth thousands, why not throw in a Lifetime Warrantied set of Healthy Waterless surgical steel cookware or cutlery? It will help beautify their new kitchen and they will surely remember you for a lifetime!! Imagine the referrals!

Frozen Food Companies:

What better closing tool to perfectly compliment your products and services than a beautiful, lifetime warrantied set of cookware, cutlery, or kitchen accessories. The best part is, as your customer reorders from us, the commission checks come to you!

Air Conditioning Companies:

As business owners we all know the hardest part of the job is getting in the home in the first place. Since you are already there, why not either gift or sell one of Pure Life's top quality air filtration products? It will show your customer that you truly care about their business and imagine getting a check every year as we facilitate the sale for the yearly cartridge replacement!

Plumbing Companies:

The best way for your customer to take care of all their indoor appliances and plumbing concerns is to have a quality water purification system from Pure Life. This amazing product will give them quality water for pennies on the gallon; and with the affordable annual cartridge replacement, you will receive residual checks for life!

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