Pure Life Essentials has partenered with the leading air purification company in North America, to promote our newest line of Canadian made air filters. Our Air Purifiers make the air you breathe up to 99% cleaner … providing a safer, fresher, more comfortable environment. For use in homes, offices, nail and beauty salons, gyms and spas, bars and lounges, restaurants, hotels and motels, pet shops, dental/medical rooms – literally anywhere there is life…Our air purifiers have more stages and technology than any other system in the world. Each stage is an air filter within itself. It will remove airborne viruses, dust mites, allergens, pollens, fumes, dust and bacteria, mold spores, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, pet dander, gas odors and much more! Give your lungs a break. We breathe in 20,000 liters of air a day! If you suffer from COPD, Emphysema, Bronchitis or Asthma you owe it to yourself to have the purest possible air in your home or office.


With proper care and maintenance, your Pure Life Air system will provide many years of reliable service, improving the quality of your air.


1. Place the unit in the area where you want the cleanest air.
2. Plug the unit into a grounded outlet. The cord has either a 110V or a 220V plug depending on the area the in which the unit was sold.
3. Turn the unit on by choose one of the three speed settings.
4. To turn the unit off click the Off button.


1. Make sure the cord is not in the path of people walking or where anything can be rolled over it.
2. Do not place any objects on top of the unit or allow anyone to sit on it.
3. NEVER place any liquids or plants on the unit. Moisture could leak into the unit and damage the filter media or electrical components.
4. The air filtration system discharges the cleaned air through the vents near the bottom on four of the six sides. On "HIGH" the velocity of the air coming out is high to enhance circulation throughout the area being cleaned. If the airflow is bothersome or creates a draft, turn the unit until the air is directed toward an unoccupied area of the room.


You may notice a slight "new" smell from the unit when your first turn it on. This normal and harmless and will dissipate within a few days.


In order to purchase, please enter your coupon code in the members area. To receive your code, contact your local distributor, or the home office at 954-684-7940.


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