Pure Life Essentials is proud to be a sponser of the "Making Love In the Kitchen" Series for newly engaged couples, and everyone else!!

"MAKING LOVE IN THE KITCHEN" is designed to teach you successful recipes that will show you how to not only have a spicy "love affair" with food, but also with your partner. Our team of Chef Hosts and Certified Health and wellness Coaches will use humor and passion to create sizzling culinary treats before your eyes while also showing some of the finest tools you can use in your kitchen. And when you taste the food, prepared the "Waterless Way", you will learn how food can energize you and your relationship.

"Sitting down and eating a meal that you created together is a daily celebration of love!"

So says, Carol Wall Anello, co-creater of the "Making Love in the Kitchen" series and graduate of Columbia University's Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Carol uses her experience as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a member of the American Association of drugless practitioners to help couples and singles alike to:

Improve your eating habbits

Understand your body better

Make your self care a priority

Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your loved ones

Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life


At the "making Love in the KItchen" program you will also be introduced to the wonder of "Waterless Cooking" and learn why it is cookware recommended by leading health authorities.

When cooking in Waterless Cookware, you are cooking below the boiling point thereby retaining all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, natural color and taste.

70% of all prosperity diseases; such as high blood pressure and heart disease, even many dental problems can be attributed to an improper and inadequate diet.

In recent years our awareness of what constitutes good health has changed significantly. We excercise more. We have changed our diets, eating more chicken and fish instead of red meat, yet with all of our efforts to live healthier lives we still cook like our grandparents.  We use too much fat to cook in and we destroy the very vitamins, nutrients and proteins our bodies need to live long healthy and productive lives.

We know the secrets of maintaining a healthy diet and we invite you to share our knowledge. We have in fact, made it our mission to promote good health all across the country.

In a society, which can be complicated and stressful, the culinary art represents an important form of communication, which helps to relax and bind us to our families.

Please attend the next "Making Love in the Kitchen" program in your area and learn how you can spend less time, preparing healthier meals, have a more balanced diet, gain vitality, enjoy more time with your loved ones, and live a healthier life.



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