Wanda Ashford — 5 star              Presentation was awesome..... Steve is amazing and he actually cooks.....

Kyle Bray — 5 star                     Cooking Steve is very informative, through, and very knowledgable in all things cooking!

Lisa Deshields — 5 star               All I can say I can't wait to use our set we just purchase !!!!

Heather Chandler — 5 star           I attended the cooking presentation with Steve with no intention of buying anything. Well I was blown away at the quality and versatility of this cookware. I use it all the time and it wad worth every cent I paid. All meals I have prepared so far have been outstanding and prepared with fewer calories as now there is no need for all those extra fats. As directed I only cook on a medium heat and clean up in a snap. Trust m when I say. This Pure Life cookware will make everyone a master chef in the kitchen. Today I will be preparing desert in one of the pans for dinner guests this evening.The reaction when I tell them I prepared it on top of the stove in a skillet the eyed go wide and they want all the detail. Lol. One of the best purchase's I made in a long time. Gift giving is not a probem for my husband any longer. I can always add to my set and everything comes with a ,100% ,guaranee. Better than jewelry for any one wh enjoys cooking with quality.  

Tabatha Flatt — 5 star                 Saw a show on Wednesday, Steve was hilarious, product was amazing, food was tastey.

Marti Rose — 5 star                    Chef Steve you are awesome. I had so much fun tonight. It was fun but educational. Thank you for a great night. ~Marti and Derek~ 

Ali Sarkisian — 5 star                  Cooking Steve is one of the most intelligent, funny, and kind person you will ever meet. My fiancé and I went to a cooking show as a night out away from our child since we never get out. I was so excited to get out. Within the first 10 minutes we laughed so hard we both looked at each other and was like he is hysterical. After another 10 minutes of listening to him tell us about his cookware we were sold, I looked at my fiancé and said, "Babe, I have to have that, please?" Now being a stay at home mom and not really being able to get out and buy myself things my fiancé always keeps me happy and spoils me. But then 20 more minutes into the show Steve showed us feature after feature after feature of what is cookware does and when I said our minds were blown I mean we were speechless and my fiancé agreed with me and said, "We have to have these!" So now we own an amazing kitchen cookware set that we are so excited to use! Thank you Steve, and we will be back for more!

Vinny Huff — 5 star                     My fiancé and I had such a wonderful time at the Love in the kitchen seminar with cooking Steve and Jay. We were so impressed with everything that we bought an entire set right from the show. We loved the fact that there was no pressure to buy any item whatsoever. Steve was honest caring and passionate going to the show has really brought my fiancé and I Angelina closer together. Steve showed us that just by cooking in the kitchen we can become a stronger couple.

Jon and Monica Fehlberg — 5 star    We have been using Pure Life Essentials cookware for several months now. We love the product. It cooks my meals efficiently with little or no fat and our food comes out perfect every time. I would recommend this product to anyone who asks. It is a great investment. 

Brittney Jackson — 5 star              The energy of the event was amazing! The product demonstration was interactive and engaging. Straight forward answers for all inquires... Costumer satisfaction is guaranteed because they will work with you with whatever you need.

J Brooke Byrd — 5 star                 I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and attending the show on Tuesday January 20th 2015 at the Radisson hotel in Jacksonville Florida. I’ve learned so much about other cookware that I didn’t know before. I was also very impressed by Steve presentation on Pure Life cookware. I give Pure Life Essentials five stars in their overall quality, pricing, and professionalism. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family. I can’t wait to receive my skillet set tomorrow! I will defiantly make sure to post pictures of my skillet set in action! –Jennifer Byrd

Nacole McNeill — 5 star                I attended a kitchen show earlier this evening and was soooooooooooo impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship in the products and the presentation. Like others, we were not sure about purchasing tonight, but decided to go ahead and make the investment in the cookware. We already believed in the product, but we had not seen the integrity, guarantee, or level of customer care delivered by the representatives of Pure Life Essentials. They are top notch and far exceed other companies in their overall quality, pricing, and professionalism. ( I can make that statement because I attended another show last week.) Do not let the price deter you or cause you to make a decision you will regret. Purchasing options for all wallets. We purchased a smaller set and intend to build/add on over time. My hat is off to Steve! Thanks again for enhancing my steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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